Add New Notifications

You can also set up and edit your own emails. Here’s how:

  • Go to Admin Dashboard / Notifications
  • Click Add New Notification
  • Create an Admin title for the Notification (this will only be seen by the Fenly Admin)
  • Select a Trigger. We recommend only using the following User types. We will be building this out further in the future:
    • User registration (to add to the Notifications which are already set)
    • User login
    • User logout

Notifications feature new email editor step 1

  • Click Add New Carrier and select Email

Notifications feature new email editor step 2

  • Add your Subject and Body
    • The Body can have stylized text and images
    • You can also choose to add merge tags from the Merge Tags dropdown
  • To set the Recipients, leave the Type as Email / Merge Tag and add {user_email} to the Recipient field

Notifications feature new email editor step 3

  • When completed, make sure Enable is set to on and click Save

If you have any questions or need help with Notifications, please don’t hesitate to contact