Edit Current Notifications

We’ve set up emails that are triggered when a User has registered on your Fenly website:

  • First, a Welcome Email sends within an hour of the User’s registration.
  • A follow-up engagement email to Users 3 days after their registration.
  • And 7 days after User registration, another follow-up email will deploy to encourage sharing and gathering donations.

You have the ability to edit these or leave them as-is. To edit:

  • Go to Admin Dashboard / Notifications
  • Click the desired Notification from the list01-Dashboard-Notifications
  • Feel free to edit the Admin title of the Notification
  • Leave the Trigger set on User registration
  • Under the Email Carrier, you can edit the Subject line and Body content.
    • Text formatting and adding images are available
    • Merge tags can be added to pull in various User information, like their ID, email, First and/or Last name, and more advanced features to come
  • The Recipients are already set so the User is the one who receives the email – {user_email}

Notifications feature email editor

  • Hit Save when updates are completed.

If you have any questions or need help with Notifications, please don’t hesitate to contact help@fenly.org